An extensive perl GUI toolkit.

Platforms: unix/x11, win32, os/2


Image Processing Algorithms for perl.

Platforms: unix/x11, win32, os/2


Maps mouse buttons into key sequences. Useful for owners of pointing devices with 4 or more buttons.

Platforms: unix/x11
Download: xmozmap-1.00.tar.gz

browser for english<->danish dictionaries

Created for interactive use of english-danish dictionary

Platforms: unix/x11, win32, os/2
Download: eddict-1.0.tar.gz


Set of small command line utilities for windows:

Platforms: win32
Download source code:

cvs submit

Tool based on Tim Hemel's code implements extra cvs target 'submit'. It looks recursively for the changed files and commmits them in one operation. Designed to be aliased to 'cvs'.
Download: cvs_submit


Movie files can be viewed with subtitles, which are currently very popular as the text files. The command-line tool 'subs' and its perl backend provide means for simple loading, re- timing, converting, and storing these subtitle files. Supported formats: .srt, .sub, .smi.
Download: Subtitles.tar.gz

collection of minor patches

IBM OS/2 fonts in PCF and TTF formats


simple image viewer with simple capabilities to take care of freshly downloaded photos from your camera - can walk image lists, rotate images, and remove red eyes (if lucky)


US keyboard layout with danish characters

Custom US keyboard layout for windows with danish characters ø,æ,å . The characters are mapped to 5,8,9 keys on numpad.